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Become an inspiring leader

Experience more freedom and fulfillment 
by leading with purpose and serving others

More fulfillment

More freedom

Serve others better

"Leading, means that others willingly follow you – not because they have to, not because they are paid to, but because they want to."

- Simon Sinek - 

Most managers are poorly trained in asking questions and building an inspiring vision. more in giving answers. which is why so many talented employees leave. Don't be like that. train yourself.

Experience more freedom and fulfillment by leading with purpose and serving others

build an inspiring vision

People are drawn into a vision and goals that are both big and specific. Build a vision like that so that people want to join and have clarity on what to do. 

grow your coaching skills

Coaching skills are critical to every leader and manager. Coaching is rated by Google as #1 skill for great managers. Enhance your coaching skills and become more effective. 

Serve others better

By using coaching and asking questions in your leadership style you will be able to empower others more and serve them better. 


i don't work with a problem,

i work with you

“Insightful & thought-provoking”

Janneke - Organizational and Member Development Leader

"The most interactive, productive, and safe coaching environment"

Carole Ashford - Head of Change Rabobank Australia & New Zealand

"Strong impact on my leadership, and foremost on my personal emo-ratio balance."

Michiel - Managing Director

How It works


Schedule your session

Schedule your first (free) session easy within 3 minutes.


 experience the growth

In the first session, you will learn things that you and your team will benefit from immediately


Inspire & Lead

With every step, you will grow your leadership skills, experience more freedom and fulfillment, and serve others to grow their leadership skills

How I serve others

  • Online Available

    "I have learned more in this 1 session than in an entire course day"


    1 hr 15 min

    Prijs op aanvraag
  • Online Available

    Zoek een moment dat past voor jou en boek direct. Ik ontmoet je graag!

    30 min

  • Online Available

    Grow the envisioning & coaching skills of your leadership team in 1day

    1 hr

I'm not fully fullfilled and also don't want to change jobs, can that be done?

I understand that you are happy with your job and have a feeling that just something is missing that would give you more fulfillment. We will discover together what’s missing and how you can enhance that with your leadership skills. Some of my clients start a new (part-time) business and many make enhancements to their current role, team, or leadership style. 

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